Nandi - Mala Prayer Necklace
Nandi - Mala Prayer Necklace
Nandi - Mala Prayer Necklace
Mala Prayer

Nandi - Mala Prayer Necklace

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Featuring a mix of Wood Grain stone and Turquoise, the Nandi necklace is the perfect earthy accessory. These small pops of Turquoise are believed to be great for exhaustion, depression and panic attacks – providing solace for your spirit and well-being for your body.


  • 108 bead Mala Prayer Necklace
  • Materials: Wood Grain Stone, Turquoise, Metal

Note: The colour, finish and texture of the gemstones and other materials will vary somewhat. This is due to their natural characteristics, making each necklace unique.

Caring for Your Piece 

  • Role stretch bracelets over your wrist, rather than pulling and stretching them, to avoid breakage
  • Store your piece in a cool, dry environment to avoid tarnishing. We strongly advise against leaving your piece in rooms like the bathroom where there is extra moisture in the air, and rooms with a running humidifier or vaporiser. 
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe and clean the stones after each use. DO NOT add water or any other cleaning agent. Avoid wiping plated metal stones where possible.
  • Ensure all colognes, perfumes, deodorants, creams and sprays have been applied and absorbed before putting on your jewellery

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