Our Story, Our Mission and Our Values.

Our Story

House of Virtues was first seen within a dream then brought to life by Lover of Gemstones and Melbourne Dweller Ashleigh Baker, who now directs and conducts all operations as the Lady of the House. Today, House of Virtues is a calm and welcoming space where you can connect with beautiful creations, lovingly made from treasures found within Mother Earth. Built upon foundations of love, strength and tranquility, the walls of the House are home to handmade gemstone jewellery pieces and Mala beads that have been carefully designed and created to support a centered body and mind. Our beloved House grows as its rooms are filled with more pieces born from love and care, then added to our collections.

Our Mission

To create a blissfully calming experience as we strive to fill the House with beautiful pieces that help bring love, joy, and a healthy approach to life for our guests (that's you!). So, please take your time in getting to know the pieces we have available in our collections, to find the right ones for you.

Our Values


Lady Ashleigh holds great value in making every item to be unique, as if it was created specifically for the individual who will one day call it theirs. Therefore, hours upon hours of work have been poured into selecting virtuous stones and constructing each piece in our collections, with the intention of creating a unique and beautiful experience for the wearer.


At House of Virtues, we are believers of doing everything with purpose. Therefore each purchase helps those in need with $1.00AU from every item sold being donated to worthy causes.

Ethical Packaging

Keeping in the spirit of making a positive difference, our packaging is made of recycled or sustainable materials*, with environmentally friendly printing practices on all 'Thank You' cards, stickers and business cards.

*Excludes protective plastic used within Mala Prayer packaging and postage bags that are used for some orders. For more information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us or start a conversation with us via Messenger Chat in the bottom right corner of any page on this website :)