Eliana - Calm Bracelet
Eliana - Calm Bracelet
Eliana - Calm Bracelet
Eliana - Calm Bracelet
House of Virtues

Eliana - Calm Bracelet

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A popular favourite, Eliana is a charming little piece with polished Howlite dancing around textured Rose Gold for a very pretty finish. Eliana was intentionally created with Howlite stones for their said ability to teach patience while bringing calm and stress-relief to the wearer.


  • 8mm Howlite Stones
  • 6mm Rose Gold plated copper beads
  • Available in Small (Approx 16cm, for notoriously small wrists) and Medium (Approx 18cm, fits most)

Note: The colour, finish and texture of our gemstones will vary somewhat. This is due to their natural characteristics, making each stone unique.

Caring for Your Piece 

  • Role stretch bracelets over your wrist, rather than pulling and stretching them, to avoid breakage
  • Store your piece in a cool, dry environment to avoid tarnishing. We strongly advise against leaving your piece in rooms like the bathroom where there is extra moisture in the air, and rooms with a running humidifier or vaporiser. 
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe and clean the stones after each use. DO NOT add water or any other cleaning agent. Avoid wiping plated metal stones where possible.
  • Ensure all colognes, perfumes, deodorants, creams and sprays have been applied and absorbed before putting on your jewellery

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