We welcome you to the House of Virtues, home to unique gemstone pieces.

For years gemstones have been used as a way of supporting many of us in becoming better, more virtuous individuals. It is believed by many that different stones help to clear negative energy, provide protection, attract love, reveal truth and many other abilities. From supporting us in meditation and Yoga practices, prayer, and any other tasks we face throughout the day, it is a wonderful thing to have stones by ones’ side.


At House of Virtues, each piece is designed not only to compliment your outfit, but also with a selection of stones that may bring you comfort and confidence in specific areas of your life. Every stone is different from the next in pattern, colour and finish.

Our pieces are more than just an item of jewellery, they are a companion, as unique as you are. So please, take your time looking through our collections to find the unique pieces that connect with you.

We hope you find exactly what you are looking for.